Austin cityscape paintings, and ionic Texas landmarks abundant with the vibrant colors and bold strokes for which Dumont has become known. The real magic, however, takes place at her working studio, located on the Eastside of Austin at 815 E. 52nd Street  turning blank canvases into multi-colored masterpieces. 

Dumont is an artist yearning for the boundless, to dissolve artificial boundaries and touch the limitless expanse of creation's potential. She lays out a rough sketch of the evolution and emergence of her expression:

I feel the intrinsic beauty of all existence, sublime through ordinary daily living. With our present life swirling about in communication and stimuli I am able to focus on the innate beauty and perfection of what my clients need in their commissioned paintings. This process allows the essence behind the form expressed to truly present itself."
Dumont Studio - Large Abstract Paintings
"To know and appreciate Linda Dumont's art is to understand that joy is omnipresent in her work. The painter's style, a hybrid of abstract expressionism and representational art, is imbued with a sense of whimsy and wonder."

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"Dancing Angel 4' x 4' oil /canvas
"Sailing North Shore Boulevard"  24" x 72"  oil / canvas